A Few Good Books

I promised that when I reached 50 followers, I would post an actual blog about books. There’s no particular reason why I chose that arbitrary figure, it just sounded like a nice round number of readers who I’m sure would wait with bated breaths to hear the profound pearls of literary wisdom that would fall from my mouth, or in the case, from my fingertips.

LibraryReads June List  library_reads_logo_website

And this was the perfect day for a post as the LibraryReads list was released. I could tell you more about the librarian supported program but it’s easier if you read about it here.

Check out the June list of books to be published in June here. My favorites from this list are Anthony Horowitz’s THE WORD IS MURDER and B. A. Paris’ BRING ME BACK (you can read my GoodReads reviews by clicking on the titles). For other titles on the list, librarian colleagues have been raving about the heart-pounding thriller, JAR OF HEARTS, and “all the good feels” romance, THE KISS QUOTIENT, which has received huge thumbs up from those who don’t even like romance novels (but be forewarned, apparently it’s quite steamy). Heck, I might even read it and as a general rule don’t read romances–not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just more of a thriller/mystery and psychological/suspense fan.



If you want to explore the past lists from LibraryReads (and perhaps hunt for my annotation–hint: it’s for SOMETIMES I LIE), you can find them in the archive.

A Short Survey

I will soon be tweaking this site and adding more information (such as more “About Me”) and helpful links, but first I would like to know your formatting preference.

When you click on a link, do you prefer the site to open in a new window, or in the same tab and then use the “back” arrow to return to the blog post? Right now I have it set to open in a new tab but will gladly change it if the majority prefers it in the same window. Please comment below.

Thanks for reading and in the next day or two I’ll be reporting on what I’ve been reading over the past few weeks. Preview: Last night finished a new memoir that is harrowing and terrific.