“UpLit” or “Feel Good” Books

Hello everyone! I know it’s been almost a year since I last posted and I promise to do better in the coming months–I mean, what else do I have going on?


During stressful times, readers may want to escape by wandering into different kinds of reading than their normal fare. Some prefer “escapist” titles which can be found by simply looking for a thriller, romance, fantasy, or even a celebrity memoir. Others prefer “comfort reading” which may take them back to childhood favorites or a title they’ve read multiple times. And there are even those who like to read something closer to home such as novels based on apocalyptic events or set in a dystopian civilization.

But many readers prefer reading that will lift their spirits or leave them with a hopeful feeling that the book world has dubbed “UpLit.” (For a more thorough explanation check librarian Kelly Moore’s blog here.) 

Click here for the entire list of titles. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on ““UpLit” or “Feel Good” Books

  1. Great list Robin, and I am ashamed to have only read a few of these. You have probably noticed that I am doing a daily reading recommendation on Facebook.



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      • Hi Robin, well so far I have only read Gentleman In Moscow from your list. I liked it very much – love his prose and imagery. The ending was somewhat abrupt however, which it seems was intentional. Having enjoyed Gentlemen, I decided to read his first novel, Rules of Civility. Thought it was also very good. I had previously read A Man Called Ove after having seen the movie. Loved the movie and the book. I haven’t read Britt Marie Was Here yet, but I saw the movie at the Loft Film Fest in Tucson. I thought it was the same story again with different details, but it was good.

        After reading Rules of Civility, I got sidetracked onto a different path. I saw a list of recommended books made into movies. An American Tragedy was on the list and was the first one I read. Definitely not an uplifting book!! At first I was annoyed by the continual repetition of point after point. But as I got further into the book I became more engaged with it. A very dark story.

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  2. I always miss your posts, Robin! I love hearing about what you’re reading so I couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re back. I’ve been terrible at updating lately too, life has just been getting in the way since the beginning of the year. Thanks for sharing this list, much-needed right now 🙂 Hope all’s well with you otherwise!

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    • Thanks and I suspect I’ll have a bit of time to do more posting. 🙂

      I also meant to tell you that I was a little disappointed in Holland’s NERVE although you may feel differently. It was a bit more academic than I anticipated, and although I know you haven’t read much by Mary Roach, I felt the comparison wasn’t at all close to how Roach writes and researches her topics. There may be some who like it for the information on studies but I preferred Margie Kerr’s SCREAM for the more personal experimentation.

      Yes, things are well and I am now trying to get my focus back to reading. Enjoyed Eric Alperin’s UNVARNISHED, which I’m sure is on your radar.

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      • Oh that’s so disappointing about Nerve. I’m not particularly interested in the ones that are more academic either. I feel like the “it’s like Mary Roach” comparison is just a really easy one to throw around and guarantees some attention and sales so I’m not surprised books that don’t really fit get that label anyway. Scream was a really interesting one, I liked it.

        I hadn’t heard of Unvarnished, actually! Good to know you liked it, I’ll look into it. So happy you’re back!!

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  3. Awesome list! This is definitely a time where I need more up-lifting books to keep my mood up so I’ll definitely be checking some of these out.


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  5. Thank you for sharing this list Robin!! I will pass it along to our library patrons who will be thrilled to have some comfort and feel good reads!


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