Ever Notice Book Jacket Trends?

Have you ever noticed how the art design of book covers seems to follow a certain style for a while? One time it was rain boots on women’s fiction, another time it was just women’s legs on “chick lit,” or another time it might have been a certain bright color or graphic. Here is a very interesting article on the latest literary novel trend.

Are you drawn to this kind of design?

For the record, I loved The Immortalists and Fates and Furies, and now because the other books have the same types of covers, I might be tempted to read a few more on the list.

3 thoughts on “Ever Notice Book Jacket Trends?

  1. I love the bright and shiny covers or the matte black but wish publishers would put more money into the binding than the pretty covers. We cover them at the library anyway! I have noticed many more metallic touches.


  2. These jacket trends smack me right in the forehead. Love to talk about them and love to hear from others what they notice in trends. Passed this on to a friend who also has a keen eye for the similarity in design of book covers.


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