Wednesday Library Pile

You know, my intention for posting my library check out piles was to post the photo without words. But guess what. I can’t do it. And it’s not fair to you, right? I’m sure you want to know which books might tantalize and which are brought home because they jumped off the shelf and into my arms. So to be fair, this my library haul from yesterday with words.


I had Oregon Beaches: A Traveler’s Companion on hold and if you are a coast traveler, it appears to be the perfect book to keep in your car. I haven’t delved into it so can’t tell you much more but I’m sure GoodReads can. I will say the description of “400 miles of coastline” makes it sound daunting, and while on a summer weekend it can feel like 600 miles, the mileage on highway 101 is 337 from the northern tip of the coast to Brookings. It’s still a long slog if you try to do it in a day, so don’t if you can help it.

Tiffany Haddish has added her name to the growing list of new celebrity memoirs told in the form of essays (with varying degrees of success). She is a funny woman so I’ll see if I read The Last Black Unicorn cover to cover or skip around. And like many of these kinds of memoirs, they are usually best “read” in audio as long as narrated by the author.

Jillian Medoff’s This Could Hurt was met with raves when it was published and from what I hear is also good if one works in a Human Resources department.

I don’t know much about the rest of the titles (84K, The Little Clan, Girls Burn Brighter) as they are the book that jumped off the shelf and into my arms, but they all are intriguing.

Now it’s back to packing for our camping trip. I’m almost to the most important part of the planning and that is selecting my books to be read while sitting in the campsite and on the beach. That post will arrive soon.


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