Library Stack: No Words

OK, so maybe I do, but only this one time. Every once in a while I will post a stack of books I checked out from the library (Salem Public to be exact). It is usually a mish-mash of different kinds of books and most are newly published or published within the past year. I’m always glad to hear comments or questions about what’s in the pile.

So here is today’s toppling to-be-read, or usually, to-be-perused pile.




4 thoughts on “Library Stack: No Words

  1. I like it. Makes me curious to look up those I’m not familiar with and that Atlas sees you taking to the road on many new adventures in your beautiful state of Oregon.


  2. Whitney Cummings has a book out?! I love her!!! Going to go look for this one right now.

    Also – do you read all those books from cover to cover, or do you skim some of them? If it’s the former, you’re giving me a complex…


    • Don’t worry, no need to develop a complex. I tend to skim or simply peruse many of them for future reading but a few I do completely read (CRASH TEST GIRL is one I’m anxious to read along with DAMNATION ISLAND). Have you read FLIGHT ATTENDANT yet? Reports are it’s really good and you may like it.


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