So Here We Go…

I have been threatening to write a book blog for years and last fall announced on my other blog (Novel Rambles) that something would be coming soon. Well, by “coming soon,” I meant eight months because that’s how long it’s taken me to finally get something together.

My plan is to write a regular blog, and by “regular” I’m not sure if that means weekly, monthly, or whenever I feel I have something to say, which if it’s about books would be just about every day. I will talk about books and reading, particularly what I’ve loved (or liked) and what I’m excited to read, or write a “theme” column. For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am active in reading advance reading copies (although now it’s more in the digital format) and often read books before they are published, sometimes up to nine months ahead of time. That means what I talk about will most likely be titles you won’t be able to get your mitts on quite yet but sometimes having something to look forward to is half the fun.


I don’t want to blather one for much longer, so just be assured that I will work on passing on lots of good book information, some of which you might not see anywhere else–for a while anyway.

Also, I’m kinda bad at not finding typos until after something has been published so be forewarned there may a typo or grammar error now and then. Not pointing them out would be appreciated. 🙂

And the appearance and layout are still a work-in-progress and will eventually be tweaked, but getting hot book into the world info may trump those efforts.

Housekeeping: Please note the menu on the right side includes a “Follow” button so you can enter your email and be notified when a new blog is posted. Don’t worry, though, I won’t be sharing email addresses.

And the GoodReads widget shows what I’m currently reading. If you aren’t a GoodReads member, consider creating an account as I will often refer to my current reviews.

So here we go!

7 thoughts on “So Here We Go…

  1. Great start and so excited to catch up on what you are reading ! Your tbr pile is always toppling over as mine is but I wouldn’t want it any other way – too many great books and not enough hours in the day.


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